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Your health and beauty is the most important for us, so at the Clinic Alcázar, specialized offer comprehensive services at the forefront, for rejuvenation and natural beautification of our customers around the world.

Radiesse te ayudará a recuperar una apariencia más saludable y juvenil, suavizando las arrugas y líneas de expresión, proporcionando un auténtico efecto lifting facial sin cirugía o aportando volumen a las partes donde se ha perdido. Los resultados de Radiesse son inmediatos y duraderos, desde la primera aplicación el paciente obtendrá una apariencia más joven y natural. Radiesse es un producto muy versátil que en función de la técnica utilizada conseguiremos distintos efectos.
  • Efecto lifting facial sin cirugía
  • Corrección de arrugas superficiales y profundas aportando volumen.
  • Podemos suavizar arrugas y pliegues de alrededor de la nariz y la boca, incluido los pliegues nasolabiales.
  • Aumento de pómulos
  • Aumento de mentón
  • Marcación mandibular
  • Disimular la papada mediante aumento de vectores
  • Mejorar la calidad de la piel gracias a la estimulación de colágeno

Hyaluronic acid is, next to collagen, our great ally in the fight against the loss of volume and wrinkles caused by the passage of time. However it is more durable, It causes less allergic reactions and contributes to erase wrinkles in a much more effective way.

As we grow older, the presence of this substance decreases sharply. From the 35 years the shape of our face begins to change as a result of the decrease in our capital hyaluronic acid. This causes the loss of volume and firmness and wrinkles, and therefore the skin aging.

For type wrinkle hyaluronic acid is recommended

The most common areas in which it applies are:

  • Contour and corners of the lips.
  • labial and facial volume (cheekbone).
  • labial wrinkles or peribucales (around the mouth).
  • nasolabial folds (lines on both sides of the nose and mouth).
  • Crow's feet.


Botox is a medicine containing botulinum toxin, substance used for facial rejuvenation. Botox generates inhibiting muscle treated, which it serves to those called dynamic wrinkles, those which are produced by gestures or mimicry of our factions therefore these will be different in each patient. The anti wrinkle Botox effect lasts around 5 a 6 months. After past this period may place a new dose of Botox.
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