Aging, a story that is changing

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14 February, 2017
18 March, 2020
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Aging, a story that is changing

Aging, a story that is changing
Dr. Daniel Correal is in Armenia and has set up its headquarters for beautification and rejuvenation of the face.The clinical Alcázar, family tradition, Certified quality and experience, It opened in the city of Armenia, under the direction of the Correale brothers and in the hands of renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Gentry Adonis Coreal.
clinical Alcázar

A place where pays tribute to the rejuvenation and beauty, That is the Alcázar Clinic. A site that offers high quality services for the face, Results rejuvenation 3 a 8 years and with less pain, trauma and recovery time.

Quality services

With a portfolio of 15 services and others who are conceived to expand the market, The clinic offers specialized surgery to beautify the face: nose, eye lids, ears, chin, cheeks and lips; and interventions for reducing double chin, browlift, facelift and neck, facial liposuction and facial scars review.

"The goal is to increase the attractiveness results naturally in order to allow each person to obtain the desired outcome Beauty", He commented Dr.. Daniel G Coreal.

Each procedure is performed by an expert with the attention that each case requires and involves individual care for each patient.

It is therefore, that whoever will not need surgery as an alternative practices such as relaxation under the eyes and forehead area through the bótox, rejuvenating the dermis with platelet rich plasma and / or decreased expression lines hyaluronic acid.
Doctor Coreal

More than 12 years of professional certification, Dr. Daniel Correal is otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, member of the Colombian Society of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery. The doctor. Correal has dedicated his life to the deep study of the face and its operation, He is also an expert in improving aesthetic / functional aspects with cutting-edge surgical techniques.

This academic training and dedication gives the clinic the endorsement of experts faces, allowing each patient to obtain the cosmetic result without seeking the functionality of the parts of the face is altered. Similarly each procedure is performed under the concept of "Harmony", which takes into account the aesthetic-functional component and turn the emotional component.

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