5 Reasons to choose the ALCÁZAR Clinic

4 October, 2016
Recommendations Before Your Surgery
14 February, 2017
  1. There is just one face. Insist specialty!
    Clinic in Alcázar, only they work the best and by specialty, and the emphasis there Plastic Surgery, such as, FACIAL surgeons and surgeons CORPORALES.Exija! Plastic Surgeon FACIAL, If you want to improve your face or neck, will be the best decision of his vida.En you find the Alcázar Clinic Dr. Daniel Correal, FACIAL plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, who dedicated his life to the deep study of the face and its operation. He is also an expert in improving aesthetic / functional aspects with cutting-edge surgical techniques.
  2. It leaves the doubt is or is not?
    Currently it is easy to verify by globally recognized institutions, whether or not it is, Facial Plastic Surgeon, the doctor who calls himself as such.
    It is always important to get out of the doubt is or is not? Check now! With just a click, that easy. http://cirugiaplasticafacial.orgThe Alcazar Clinic, Plastic Surgeon Medical FACIAL is the Dr. Daniel Correal Gentry. We invite you to consult.http://cirugiaplasticafacial.org/profile/238/
  3. We are not the same! Natural beautification and rejuvenation
    Every individual is unique, and each race has distinctive features. Clinic in Alcázar, This is the starting point for providing adequate counseling.
    For us Facial Plastic Surgery It is unique and particular for each individual, and with the correct techniques, it is now possible to obtain a natural result, both beautification and rejuvenation.
  4. We are always with you part 1/2
    Two exists(2) moments key in the process of decision making surgery, Y we are always with you!
    Pre- Surgery: Making the decision to have surgery, is not easy, we devote to you, advising you in every detail, with the best doctors to treat your event unique and special.
  5. We are always with you part 2/2
    Two exists(2) moments key in the process of decision making surgery, Y we are always with you!Post-Surgery : It is a moment of care, for this andIt s important to know, all services Clinic Alcázar, They included in its rates, three(3) postsurgery rating directly served by the Surgeon (no residents or nurse(a)s), because our interest is to ensure the full tranquility of our patients.

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